Monday, October 24, 2011

Lake Level Update

October water levels in the lake bring us to a view reminiscent of Fall 2008. The lake has continued to recede over the past month, and the bottom of the lake bed holds a small "pond" of water. Fortunately, this drop in water allows for some very cool, relevant studying of the very bottom of the lake bed. Current researchers examining the lake bed include several professors and experts in their fields from Virginia Tech and Radford University. Graduate projects and undergraduate research projects are underway, exploring the unique geology, hydrology, and geophysics of the lake atop Salt Pond Mountain. Very exciting stuff! We will keep you posted with new findings and information concerning the lake, and please be advised that over the next few weekends there will be groups of students and researchers working out on the lake bed.

An autumn vista from the Rt. 700 overlook

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountain Top Trot Results

We had a great turn out at the 1st Annual Mountain Top Trot Trail Race at Mountain Lake this past Saturday. A total of 76 runners hit the trails in harsh weather conditions. Sleet, snow, mid-30's temp, was Extreme!!

Thank You to all of the participants who came out to run, jog, or walk; their friends and family who cheered them on; to all of our sponsors and prize donators - East Coasters, Run About Sports, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, TriAdventure Multisport Training, and the Mountain Lake Hotel; and to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped out so much!! This event could not have taken place without you!

The proceeds from this event will benefit the Mountain Lake Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Mountain Lake's unique environment and immersing YOU in the magical place we call Nature. This fundraiser will help the MLC continue to host fun-tastic, family-friendly, outdoor events each and every year. Your support means the world to us. Kowabungaaahhh!!

Thank you for bearing with me through the "hiccups" during race results, displayed below in overall fastest order by men and women. For those who didn't get a t-shirt, the 2nd order has been placed and will be available for pick up at BRMS in Blacksburg on October 14.

5K Results

Matt Layman        17:04
Brooke Sumner 23:26
Tom Sconzo 20:17
Hilary Leake        23.53
Jacob Slyder 20:29
Irene Gardner 25:17
Marvin Gates 21:12
Margot 25:42
Dylan Tarrant 21:43
Katlyn Williard 26:48
Jack Hencke 22:07
Suzanne Occiano 27:07
Will Stacy 25:00
Jan Hencke 27:29
Mike Pedigo 28:10
Missy Bennett 29:58
Alex Bier  28:49
Maria Garcia 30:11
Mike Bennett 29:50
Whitney Bonham 31:06
Samuel Williard 30:14
Heather Totty 31:40
Edward Williard 30:28
Jessica Jewell 33:49
Bryce Holland 31:01
Stacey Jewell 33:50
Dave Kennedy 35:02
Lauren Kennedy 35:02
Joe Andrews 35:45
Jenni Walke 42:07

Debra Banning 42:07
10 Mile Results

Justin Morrison 1:17:33
Emma Betz 1:36:52
Ignacio Moore 1:17:42
Jen Schaeffer 1:40:37
Mark Lattanzi 1:18:52
Aarnes Gudmestad 1:42:10
Paul Rutemiller 1:19:01
Hanna Parsons 1:43:20
Brad Atkins 1:19:37
Mary Baugh 1:51:44
Kirby Walke 1:23:29
Connie Pierett 1:54:10
Brice Collamer 1:23:54
Courtney Griffin 1:55:17
Phil Holland 1:25:13
Michaela Galya 1:57:10
Harry Hudson Jr. 1:25:58
Sarah Abbott 2:02:14
Scott Cardwell 1:26:24
Mandy Mach 2:11:36
Andy Reagan 1:27:55
Megan Ihfield 2:13:36
Kevin Andrews 1:28:02
Amber Sholl 2:13:37
Tyler Beach 1:28:15
Anne Pagano 2:14:04
Erik Olsen 1:28:34

Guy Love 1:28:40

Joshua Norris 1:28:41

Chris Evans 1:31:29

Cliff Hatchett 1:32:02

Chris Pohowsky 1:32:43

Anthony Murray 1:32:58

Greg Pfister 1:33:59

Michael Tietz 1:34:58

Kevin Courtney 1:37:03

Douglas Dandro 1:41:31

Tony Hulbert 1:42:44

Ivan Garcia  1:44:10

Edward Colvin 1:48:58

Aaron Pierett 2:03:29

Jay Raymond 2:04:28

Taylor Mach 2:11:37

William Motley 2:19:10

Wyatt's rainbow on the drive up to ML morning of the race!

Where it all went down

Awesome volunteers from VT!

Pre-race meeting with Kirby
Pre-race meeting - 76 runners total!

Warming up next to the fire

10 Milers ready to start

And they're off!

5K first place Matt Layman