Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lake Levels Drop Dramatically

Our lake level is now lower than it was at this point last year.  Check out the photos we took today of the lake bed.  We've had an incredibly dry summer, it's hard to believe we actually had boating this past July! 
view from extended boat dock

we found animal remains in the mud

view of Rest Rock and Newport House

view from left shoreline

Now here is a photo taken from July 2010!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Summer Photo Contest Winners

We apologize for our long hiatus from blogging, I have been making more Facebook posts than blog entries this past summer.  To become our fan on Facebook, click here

Congratulations to our summer photo contest winners!

June 2010: 
Martha Cox from Dublin, VA

July 2010:
Kevin Lang from Mars PA:  “It had just rained and we were on our way back from a hike around the lake.  This shot is one of my favorites, as it captures the lush green foliage and the inviting peacefulness of Mountain Lake.” -Lang

August 2010:
Missy Bennett from Mooresville, NC