Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Level Update & Bloom Status

The spring rains have brought a continuing rise in water level for the lake. The "T" dock down near the water is floating, and canoes and kayaks have been put in the water for hotel guest use only. (Boat use will cease if and when the dock is no longer floating!) There is a post that has been stuck in the shore-line that will serve as a gauge for day-to-day water fluctuations. The post marker has most recently shown a decrease in water level along the shore line of approximately one foot in the last week. 

Pictured below: what is currently in flower on the mountain. The beautiful rhododendron blooms are just around the corner! Come up and visit us for a stroll on the mountain, and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers..

An early Indian Pipe

At the Wind Rock Overlook
Fire pinks abound!

Mountain Laurel on Bald Knob
The Flaming Azalea blooms are just fizzling out